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Johanni Ackermann


Welcome to my page!

What I enjoy most about painting is that it becomes a visual diary of all that I experience and feel in a moment or season. 
I look at scenes from the past and relive it through my paintbrush. It is very important for me to try and capture what that moment meant to me. 
When looking for scenes to paint, the main consideration will always be the light. How does the light affect my subject matter? How does it contribute to the feeling of a specific scene. 
I know there is a place for social commentary and making statements, but for me, painting will always be about joy and peace and love. I hope that I can bring a small piece of that happiness into your house through one of my paintings! What a privilege!

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Torenstraat 7, 2405XG, Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands

+31 62 157 2101

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